Sunday, 28 September 2008

"stop what your doing you young...waddayh call it? "

This was my Hannah Hoch inspired montage from the last CVCS assignment of term 2.The artists involved in the Dada movement or anti art movement ( if you are that way inclined) encompassed many different mediums to communicate their messages to the masses.They played an important part of forging Modernism as a whole.With a complete rejection of cold logic they embraced chaos and irrationality.Chosing to ignore all traditonal aesthetics,Dadaists challenged the academic and cultured values of fine art and sought out to destroy institutional thinking. 
 I thought I would post this image  up for two reasons. Firstly,I actually quite like my final outcome as I could easily photomontage all day, happy as Larry. Secondly, Its useful as a reminder that I cannot leave all my work to the last minute this year and get absolutely awful grades. 
Nuff Said! 


Wasabi said...

Well done, my warrior princess!

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